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By the moment your couple has made your big decision to break off your marital relationship, all you can dream of probably is all about a fast online divorce. Today, very few people want to be involved in a stressful, yet pricey proceeding and thus an increasing number of relationships end in divorce online, and rightly so. If you and your “almost” ex can find common ground, then you have a great chance to complete divorce online, too.

 Now, you are here and not without purpose: Divorcerate.org is the best online divorce service provider that serves the best interests of many divorcing people. So, sign up, answer a few questions, and wait until your replies are processed. It will not take you much time to get all docs needed for a quick divorce online. And detailed dos and don’ts on how to initiate a legal divorce online given to you at no additional cost will be a cherry on the cake with no doubt.

We will give you the needed online divorce help so that you can proceed with your decision beyond a shadow of a doubt. We take care of your financial shape and thus enable you to benefit from a cheap divorce online with no need for seeking expensive legal advice. No matter whether you live in North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, or any other state, we are your best friends who will not leave you alone at such a hard time! So, don’t go anywhere, join us and enjoy an easy divorce online!

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How Long Does Online Divorce Take?

Each case is different, as all divorcing people find themselves in different situations. But if your knot can be untied online, then go for it. Since you have no problems with your “almost” ex, it is very likely that you will be able to go your separate ways within the next twelve weeks after you file your docs.

Nevertheless, other factors may also change the length of time needed to get divorced, including the duration of the holding period, the amount of court backlog, etc. Although Divorcerate.org can neither influence the court performance nor change the established requirements, it can cut the time needed to prepare you divorce docs and thus can set the wheels in motion faster.  

How Much Does an Online Divorce Cost?​

No matter how many kids our clients have and how much property they own, Divorcerate.org offers full divorce packets for $139. However, we want you to note that we are not responsible for additional fees you will have to pay when submitting your docs to your local courthouse. Since court fees vary from one court-house to another, it is recommended to drop by your local court clerk’s office for more information on this issue.

How to File for Divorce Online by Taking 3 Definite Steps?

Step 1. Check if you qualify to file for divorce online

Before we can start our cooperation, it is important for us to know if you qualify to file a divorce online. We value your time and therefore we enable you to find out whether you are eligible or not by answering a few questions. The process will not take long. And don’t worry about the money matter, as we will not charge you any fee for the service!

Step 2. Complete an online interview

Our main mission is to make your divorce as smooth as possible. We don’t want your transition to a new life to turn into a long-term court battle. With Divorcerate.org, filing for divorce without a lawyer has never been that easy. But before we can prepare your divorce packet, you will have to complete an easy-to-follow questionnaire. It will take you less than half an hour to finish an interview. Still, we don’t want you to be in a hurry and thus enable you to use our service at an easy pace.

Step 3. Print the document, sign them and file

Even though our system works faultlessly, once the paperwork is done, we will ask you to check if the information you have recently provided is correct. Afterward, you can proceed with printing and signing. Also, note that along with your papers, you will be presented with step-by-step instructions for filing for divorce online.

Access Divorce Papers Online and Save Some Cash on Legal Fees

Those who seek to end their marital relationships should better prepare online divorce papers. This is mainly because it is more quickly and much cheaper than getting a lawyer who will charge hundreds of dollars for a divorce package.  Divorcerate.org will make the document preparation process more convenient and less time-consuming for you, not to mention our low pricing policy. Our platform is your best guide to freedom that will enable you to have a hassle-free divorce. We take into consideration the fact that different states establish different filling requirements and thus provide our clients with correct forms immediately. We believe that no one should wait for long to go their separate ways. If your couple can agree on all issues without a judge, then why should you be kept waiting?

An orderly divorce favors divorcing people more than a contested one. Today, you are no longer forced to hire a legal counselor who will draw you eye-teeth under the veil of high legal fees. Instead, you can land Divorcerate.org and get cheap divorce papers online. This is how you can save your liquid assets for your post-divorce expenses.

Access Divorce Papers Online

How to Get a Divorce Online With Ease

It is easy to get confused when you don’t know what to start your paperwork with. When you are all adrift, signing up with Divorcerate.org is the right thing to do. Our service is designed specifically for those who want to avoid difficulties in preparing their docs and strive to get a divorce online without any delays.

Our system will guide through the entire preparation process which will last no longer than half an hour. Afterward, you will be presented with a complete package customized with consideration to your place of living, number of kids, amount of income, etc. After you get divorce papers online and print and sign them, you will be able to follow simple dos and don’ts on how to submit your package to a courthouse with no stress.

Why Choose Our Online Divorce Form Preparation Service?

 A relatively cheap solution to get divorced. Divorcerate.org enables you to prepare a divorce applications form by yourself for a very affordable flat fee instead of paying high attorney’s hourly rates.

Great time-saving solution.

Divorcerate.org allows for the fast, yet easy preparation of forms for divorce. You will need less than half an hour to check your eligibility and complete the provided interview.

Helps those with and without kids.

No matter whether you have little ones or not, we have all divorce court forms in stock to get you covered.

High Professionalism.

Our twelve-year experience allows us to deliver a superior service to all divorcing people throughout the world 24\7.

No Attorneys Needed.

Even if you don’t know what forms you are supposed to submit, you don’t need any legal adviser to get your paperwork done. Divorcerate.org will assist you in doing your divorce forms online, and no specific knowledge is required.

Unlimited changes to the forms within 45 days.

If upon completion of the forms it turns out that some information is incorrect or missing, then you can always make the necessary adjustments. Note that we allow our clients to make as many changes to their packages as they need and all at no additional cost.

Available on all devices.

No matter whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can access Divorcerate.org with ease and use the provided services conveniently.

Only court-approved documentation.

We provide only correct legal divorce forms so that you can be sure that your forms will be accepted by your local court.

Complete packages.

We understand how hard it is to start a divorce process; however, we also know how frustrating it may be to re-do the filled docs. Therefore, we provide only complete online divorce forms that meet all the requirements and thus are accepted in all courts with no questions asked.

Preparing Divorce Documents Has Never Been That Easy

Don’t feel like doing documents needed to file for divorce by yourself? Have you failed to find correct forms or simply cannot fill them out correctly? Must re-do your docs just because you have made lots of mistakes in them? Cannot make sense of all those documents for divorce but also cannot afford to hire a lawyer who could help you out? Want to put an end to your drama immediately? Whatever it is, we are here to give you a helping hand!

With us, you can have your legal divorce documents prepared for you conveniently with no hidden costs and delays. If you come against difficulties at any stage of the preparation process or suddenly have a question or two about using our system, don’t neglect to call or email our office to get the needed assistance from our highly-experienced professionals immediately.

Best Do It Yourself Divorce Kit for Uncontested Marriage Dissolution Only

Our DIY divorce kit is an excellent solution for those who strive to resolve their disputes out of court and save much money on legal fees. If you and your “almost” ex want to end your marriage amicably, then you have come to the right place.

Sign up with Divorcerate.org to access a full set of docs and do your paperwork in just a few minutes. We will help you prepare your package so that you can start the ball rolling without any difficulties and delays. On Divorcerate.org, we have only 100% guaranteed do it yourself divorce forms so that you can be sure that you can rely on us. Our easy-to-follow instructions are meant to help you file your docs avoiding overwhelming guesswork that may get in the way of your plans.

We take care of you today so that you live a happy life tomorrow. We understand that not everyone can afford to hire an attorney and it is not necessary when you work with a reliable service like Divorcerate.org. With us, you will be presented with a divorce packet at a relatively low price so that you don’t have to answer never-ending dull questions put by an attorney-in-law while being charged for this a very high hourly rate. On Divorcerate.org, you will get an all-in-one divorce kit complemented with simple instructions on how to submit your docs to a court for only $139.

The U.S Divorce Rates

It appears that millennials build stronger marriages than their parents. Today, newly married people are much more privileged than previous generations: a larger number of them have higher education and thus are more stable, both socially and financially. Therefore, their relationships have more chances to survive a marriage crisis.

According to statistics, the U.S divorce rate began to drop in the early 90s. While in 2000, there were 4 divorces per 1,000 of population, in 2012, the rate dropped to 3.4 and, in 2014, to 3.2.

Nevertheless, such an upward trend didn’t allow the United States to move from the ranks of the countries with the highest divorce rate. 

How Often Americans File for Divorce

  1. Every 13 seconds, one marriage is ended on paper in the U.S.
  2. Consequently, there are 277 divorces per hour or 2,419,196 ones per year in the country.
  3. Among all 18-year-olds or older citizens, whether they have entered into a marriage or not, every forth has gone through a marital breakdown.
  4. On average, every first marital relationship that ends lasts approximately eight years.

Why Americans Decide to Get Divorced?

The most common reason why people file for divorce in America is a lack of commitment. Nevertheless, there are also other reasons:

  • Lack of commitment – 72%
  • Too much fighting – 56%
  • Unfaithfulness – 55%
  • Got married too young – 46%
  • Frustrated hopes – 45%
  • Inequality in relationships – 44%
  • Failure to prepare for marital life – 41%
  • Abusive marriage – 25%
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