Online Divorce in Mississippi

Very often, spouses cannot avoid divorce; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every divorcing couple needs to go through a hard, yet time-consuming process at all. There is a faster and less expensive way to untie the knot with doing it online. A cheap online divorce in Mississippi is a great alternative to expensive and stressful litigation that suits spouses who are willing to communicate openly to settle their issues out of court. However, if they fail to resolve their disputes peacefully, then they will need an attorney. Moreover, the odds that their case will end up in court noticeably expand.

A quick divorce in Mississippi starts with a no-fault case. To get started, you are supposed to fill out the needed forms that will inform a judge about how you and another party are going to share your finances, marital home, and other possessions, how you two have settled your child-related matters, and about other details related to your particular case.

Get Divorce Papers in Mississippi Online

If your couple has agreed on your matters and thus there is nothing left to contest, you can land a website offering paper prep services to all involved in uncontested cases.

 Since you have already come here, you shouldn’t go anywhere, as we have got you covered! On our website, all the customers can go through a simple prep process so that they can end up with a full divorce packet for only $139. The process will not be time-consuming: all you need to do is to complete a short questionnaire and wait until your docs are accurately filled out and uploaded to your user account. We will prepare all the required docs that will reflect your agreements with another party. Have minor kids? No worries! We have the necessary blanks, too.

File for Divorce in Mississippi

You can proceed with your case by filing for divorce in Mississippi online or in person. However, before you decide to file in the state, check if you meet the residency requirements in the first place. If you do, then you can get started immediately and for this, you don’t need an attorney at all. You can either produce your docs by yourself or you can use our services and get detailed clarifications on how to submit your packet with a court-house easily. Once the documents are filed, the relevant copies must be delivered to another party.

Get a Divorce in Mississippi Online

Every case no matter whether it is contested or not ends with a hearing. Since your case is uncontested, at the hearing, a judge will look at your documentation, ask you a few questions if needed, and sign it if he or she has nothing against your arrangements. As soon as your divorce is approved, your marriage is ended on paper. Getting a divorce in Mississippi, just like in any other state of the country, can be cheap and easy if only divorcing parties are willing to cooperate.

Find Divorce Courts in Mississippi

Hinds County Chancery Court
Judge Name: Denise Owens, Patricia D. Wise, William H. Singletary, J. Dewayne Thomas
Clerk Name: Eddie Jean Carr
Court Address: P.O. Box 686, Jackson, Mississippi 39205-0686
Phone: 601-968-6537
Fax: 601-973-5554
Clerk Hours: 8am-5pm

Harrison County Chancery Court
Judge Name: Sanford R. Steckler, Jim Persons, Jennifer Schloegel, Carter Bise
Clerk Name: John McAdams
Court Address: P.O. Drawer 544, Biloxi, Mississippi 39533
Phone: 228-435-8220
Fax: 228-435-8292
Clerk Hours: 8am-5pm

DeSoto County Chancery Court
Judge Name: Mitchell M. Lundy, Jr., Percy L. Lynchard, Jr, Vicki Cobb Daniels
Clerk Name: W.E. “Sluggo” Davis
Court Address: 2535 Highway 51 South, Hernando, Mississippi 38632
Phone: 662-429-1318
Fax: 662-449-1420
Clerk Hours: 8am-5pm

Rankin County Chancery Court
Judge Name: John Grant, John C. McLaurin, Jr
Clerk Name: Larry Swales
Court Address: 211 E. Government St, Brandon, Mississippi 39042
Phone: 601-825-1469
Fax: 601-824-7116
Clerk Hours: 8am-5pm

Jackson County Chancery Court
Judge Name: Michael Fondren, Jaye Bradley, D. Neil Harris
Clerk Name: Terry Miller
Court Address: 3104 Magnolia St, Pascagoula, Mississippi 39568
Phone: 228-769-3124
Fax: 228-769-3397
Clerk Hours: 8am-5pm