What are the Legal Reasons for Divorce?

There are a few legal grounds for divorce in the USA, and they vary from state to state. Nevertheless, one can name some of the most popular ones cited throughout the country:

  • Infidelity
  • Bigamy
  • Abandonment
  • Mental illness
  • Cousin marriage
  • Imprisonment
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Mental incapacity at the time of marriage

While these reasons are commonly used across various states, every state has its unique list of grounds for divorce which, however, may or may not include the above-mentioned ones. Those who are going to start a fault divorce must be ready to prove their spouse’s misconduct; otherwise, the court will dismiss their case. For example, if someone is going to get divorced on the ground of infidelity, one will need to present strong evidence rather than simply claim that their significant other is playing around.

But how common is divorce and what are the reasons for it in the country?

Top 5 Reasons for Divorce

Divorce is very common in the country with almost 50% of all marital relationships ending either in divorce or separation eventually. In 2013, 52 divorcees were surveyed in order to determine the most popular reasons why couples divorce. Now we will talk about common causes for divorce which, although not legal reasons, can ruin any marriage:

  1. Lack of commitment – This is the most frequently mentioned reason why most marriages fail. When one spouse stops making their marital relationship a priority, partners start to become distant gradually. And most often, when this happens, both misery and disappointment follow.
  2. Adultery – This is another reason that stands behind many decisions to untie the knot. While some spouses close their eyes to their partners having a bit on the side or even believe that adultery can make their marriage stronger, others cannot stand cheating and thus rush to break up with a betrayer.
  3. Too many conflicts – More than 50% of respondents cited frequent arguing as what has made them untie the knot. When a couple has too many fights, it becomes harder for spouses to communicate peacefully. And as time goes by, such couples usually end up in divorce.
  4. Married too young – There is evidence indicating that when one partner enters into marriage in his or her early 20s, the chances are that this marriage is not going to last long mainly because at this age very few can take mature decisions about their future. Many respondents claimed that they knew their significant others very little time before they decided to get married.
  5. Financial problems – While most divorcees admitted that their money issues were not the main cause, they agreed that their financial difficulties added much stress within their marriage. Many people claimed that these problems were caused by various health issues, domestic violence, or adultery.

The mentioned reasons are not the only ones. There are many more difficult, yet scary circumstances that force people to untie the knot.

What is the Main Reason for Divorce in the USA?

After the intriguing study with 52 respondents was conducted, the received results were published in the Insider. The data revealed that 75% of divorced husbands and wives considered a lack of commitment as their #1 reason for divorce. In contrast, when it came to other most common reasons for divorce in America, cheating was cited in 60% of cases, while money issues, arguing, and getting married too young were mentioned in 36%, 57%, and 45% of cases respectively. Most divorcees explained that their marriage failed mainly because either one or both partners began to take their significant others’ feelings for granted. It was a lack of attention or feeling special in their relationships that made them experience a lack of commitment, which then was named the leading cause of divorce throughout the country.